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Looking for a reputable and experienced home addition contractor in Demarest, NJ? Look no further than North Jersey Pro Builders. We've been proudly serving the Bergen County area for many years with top-quality remodeling services. If you already know us, thank you for your continued support. If not, ask around or give us a call at (201)-857-4949 and we'll be happy to chat with you about your home improvement needs.

Our remodeling company is dedicated to providing high-quality, efficient services. We always aim to please our clients and exceed their expectations. With years of experience in the industry, we're confident that we can handle any home remodeling or addition project you may have. Contact us today for a free consultation!

​North Jersey Pro Builders' motto is "Building Relationships, Not Just Homes" for a reason. Looking for a home builder or general contractor in North Jersey? Look no further than North Jersey Pro Builders. We pride ourselves on building relationships - not just homes. We've been working with our clients, associates, and material suppliers for many years, and we believe that staying connected and communicating is key to our success. Call us today for a free estimate or in-home consultation at (201) 857-4949.

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Cape Cod & Ranch Add-A-Levels

Cape Cod, Split-Level, & Ranch Add-A-Levels

North Jersey Pro Builders is the best-of-the-best for Demarest homeowners looking to start a new project. We are a trusted residential remodeling contractor who can complete any Add-a-Level project right for your home.

We will accommodate you with remodeling ideas, custom floor plans, and proper project management to deliver the home you’ve always wanted. NJPB always puts our client's needs first, which gives them control over their construction projects and one point of contact when questions arise.

If you’re looking to add more space to your home for the lowest price, contact us about an add-a-level for your Demarest home. We’ll even provide 3D renderings of your new add-a-level upon request. Call North Jersey Pro Builders to get pricing for your large or small-scale design/build home additions and see what we offer - (201)-857-4949

NJPB Cape Cod Add-A-Level floor plans
NJPB Ranch Add-A-Level floor plans

Design/Build Services

Design/Build Services - Turn-Key Packages

North Jersey Pro Builders offers design/build services to all homeowners located in Demarest, NJ. Our design/build process is used in all of our project: Add-A-Levels, Additions, and Home Extensions for Cape Cod and Ranch homes.

Our approach eliminates the need for an architect, which will save money and time when getting your desired project done. Don’t pay extra for architectural drawings, we’ll do them for you! Additionally, we can also reduce your bottom line cost by 20-30% over the standard procedures when using our design/build services.

Located in Demarest, NJ and want to get started with a project designed for your budget and built for your needs? Contact us at (201)-857-4949 to set up our initial consultation meeting. Afterwards we’ll start your design and present multiple floor plans to find the most cost efficient floor plan that satisfies your needs. It isn’t a mystery why NJPB is the top design/build company in Demarest, NJ.


Be Your Own General Contractor - DIY Packages

Be Your Own General Contractor - try our FIY Packages

While our process involves the homeowner in every step along the way, we understand that some homeowners want more involvement and control than others, but don't have the resources to complete the heavy work.

That’s why we’ve started offering custom packages for homeowners in Demarest looking to DIY-their projects. These allow the homeowner to have FULL control over what they want at a price that works for their budget.

Finish-it-yourself packages are perfect for Demarest, NJ homeowners looking for a DIY project, but don’t know where to start. Our packages offer a variety of options to choose from for your next Demarest home addition or add-a-level. Check out our pricing plans below or call us at (201)-857-4949. We pride ourselves in giving Demarest homeowners the most control over their projects!


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