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Learn how we're changing the way home design is done.

The Traditional Approach

It is our experience that the standard procedure of hiring an architect separately from your builder may result in several issues. If this is the route that you prefer, make sure you know both the architect and builder, and that they are both familiar with your budget before you get started.

Know their capabilities and that they can work together to communicate well with you and with themselves. Without this rare builder/architect relationship you may find that your design may be flawed by finding that you have become the middle-man between your architect and builder. By over-building the hierarchy, it creates unnecessary costs because the architect may question the builders skill, may design to accommodate the customer's desires without consideration for their budget, or job site delays when builder is waiting for architect to make revisions.

Our Philosophy

North Jersey Pro Builders provides design-services at a fraction of the cost of architectural services and will design your addition or remodeling project with your budget in mind. When you hire North Jersey Pro Builders to design-build your home remodeling project, we will explain your budget throughout the design process so there are no surprises. This eliminates unnecessary back and forth communication between builder and architect, and can prevent expensive architectural revisions. We can also reduce your bottom line cost by 20-30% over the standard procedures. We will design your remodeling project around your budget rather than presenting to you an impractical design that you may find to cost way more than what you expected.

Why We're Different

The bottom line is — we listen to you.
Before we create your design we will make sure to grasp your vision the best we can by listening to exactly what you want to achieve. The design-build procedure is simple and goes as follows:

Step 1 - Consultation - The process starts with a consultation and we will discuss your goals and budget.

Step 2 - Design - We will present several floor plans with the associated costs that are designed around your desired budget and needs.

Step 3 - Agreement - We will agree to a reasonable cost that you are satisfied with for our design-build services.

Step 4 - Build - We will quickly produce a space planning design and start the building process by submitting your approved drawings to the town.

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Custom Plan Packages

Find the option that works best for you. We'll work with you to make sure you get what you need within your price budget.

Breaking Ground
Starting at $60,000
  • check
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    Construction Documents
  • check
    Demolition for Framing
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Papering Walls
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Finish It Yourself
Starting at$80,000
  • check
    Everything in Breaking Ground
  • check
  • check
    Vinyl Siding
  • check
    Gutter Installation
This is our most popular package for homeowners who want more control over their project. We'll do the building, which means you can design the interior as you wish.
Most pOPular
Turnkey Package
Starting at$120,000
  • check
    Everything in Breaking Ground & FIY
  • check
    All Demolition
  • check
    Plumbing, HVAC, Electric
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