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Our success is measured by your satisfaction.

As the owner/operator of NJPB, Keith Mellen has developed North Jersey Pro Builders as a company that prides itself on hard work, honesty and a strong sense of community. Having been mentored by master builders that started their businesses in the '60s, Keith Mellen continues their tradition of strong work ethic, cleanliness and courtesy.

As an Oakland, NJ native, Keith Mellen adopted their traits early in life and continues that tradition today. North Jersey Pro Builders is a reliable company, proudly servicing Bergen and Passaic county. We continue to exert the same level of hard work and dedication to ensure quality projects; which is what got us here in the first place.

Our Values



Our dedication to delivering a superior service ensures that every job we do, we do at 110%. It’s all too common for contractors to reveal a subpar job, which is why we outperform the rest.



We understand the importance of keeping a homeowner involved in every step of the project. When questions, problems, or concerns arise, we develop a solution without delay.



While we’re the ones doing the work, the homeowner is in control. We create the plan that’s best, and make changes as needed. Nothing is ever final until the homeowner is satisfied.



NJPB owner Keith Mellen at age 7
Owner Keith Mellen, age 7.

He has grown his businesses throughout the years. Each building on the last: Seirra Hardwood Floors, North Jersey Framing Co., Mainstreet Renovations LLC, and now the family of companies under North Jersey Pro Builders.  

Upon starting his self-employed career in the late '90s, Keith Mellen found it very difficult to land home additions at such an early age. Homeowners chose competitors with a more seasoned appearance. This obstacle required a different approach in pursuing his career in the building industry. Focusing on one trade, Keith saw a demand for hardwood flooring installation and refinishing. He then formed the company Seirra Hardwood Floors at age 20 and the majority of his revenue was generated being subcontracted by other flooring companies. Knowing that this was not the career of choice, after 2 years of successful service he dissolved the company and chose a new path as a framing subcontractor by forming North Jersey Framing Co.

The new company grew as he framed houses all over northern New Jersey with his crews and developed a good reputation as an expert home builder. He established a wide range of relationships with builders, commercial property owners, home owners and suppliers in 4 counties. After many requests to run job sites, Keith used his crews to complete full additions and homes swiftly and efficiently for many clients. Caught between two career paths Keith formed a secondary name, Mainstreet Renovations, and developed a loyal following for both his framing services and home remodeling services. He recently combined these two services to one name, North Jersey Pro Builders.

Keith Mellen has been an established home builder and renovator since 1998 and plans to continue to maintain his hard earned reputation for many years to come.



The key to a successfully executed job is preparation and availability. Our experienced expert staff ensures that we will be ready for you at any time. Our management skills eliminate the headaches that have been associated with home renovation in the past. We maintain constant organization in and out of the field that clearly separates us from our competitors.


We say it twice because we mean it.

There is no replacement for customers praising our work and this is why North Jersey Pro Builders has succeeded. The best advertisement is a good referral and this is exactly what drives our success. Our main goal is that you describe to your friends how we made your home renovation experience enjoyable with our courteous staff, jobsite cleanliness, quick completion time, and how easy we are to work with. Your satisfaction is the main ingredient to our long term success and this goal is to be expected as a standard of our practice.


NJPB understands that it is key to stay informed with the latest updates and trends in the building industry.  Our staff attends yearly builder's seminars and expeditions to keep ourselves in tune with new products and techniques so that we can better serve you as career driven professionals.


It is our experience that constant communication between our clients and our staff results in a properly executed job. This allows us to understand what your changing needs maybe so that we can eliminate delays and confusion. Proper communication also keeps you involved throughout your project to ensure that the finished product is what you envisioned from the start.


Being an office based business we are able to spend a lot of time seeking the most cost effective ways to budget our customers jobs to keep our rates competitive. We are constantly working at finding the most effective ways to do business so that we are ready to give you the best price when you call us. Allow us to give you an estimate for any project so you can see for yourself.


North Jersey Pro Builders only associates with experienced professionals that know how to represent themselves and the high standards and values our company demands. When hiring staff, we look for knowledgeable, clean-cut, career driven individuals that have open minds and good values. These key traits make it easy for us to work together as a team and helps us stay focused at accomplishing your goals in a professional and expedited manner. North Jersey Pro Builders home additions.

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